30. april 2011

Retro-Spect: Black & White

Yet another little collage of my favorite black and white outfits from this april.  Now it's time for homework. It'll be nice for a change, haven't done that in a couple of weeks.

29. april 2011

Todays: Retrospect

Since I'm going to delete a big part of my old blogs-posts, these next couple of days I'm gonna post some of my favorite outfits from this April. 


So, I'm just sitting here, drinking tea and watching Kate and William's big wedding on the television. My parents are getting their vows renewed this january so I've started looking for some dresses for me to wear. I came across these fabulous dresses from the JulienMacdonald ss11 collectionAnywhere I can get a hold of one of these in little Denmark? 

28. april 2011

Fake happy face

How come it just isn't possible to get along with your neighbors? 


So, I'm gonna cook a fab dinner tonight and get plenty of wine, because me and A are going to book a trip to Paris for next month. Yay. Everything is falling into place.

Todays: Wrinkled Shirt Short Skirt

The sun is back  today - at least for now so I'm going for a latté. 

Inspiration: Georgia May


26. april 2011

New in: Trend

I always wear the same jewelry, so got some hot nail polish to spice it up.

25. april 2011

Fun by the trashcans

So the last day of the easter holiday is almost over - going back to school tomorrow. It's going to be nice though to wake up with a purpose, I think I've had enough of waking up at noon already! 
Today, yet again, I've spent the most of my day in the sun. Wearing short heels so I'm able to play a little football in the yard. Mmm.. Isn't life great? 
And I just love my cheap-ass, knock-off bag. 

Gonna eat some greasy food tonight. Yummy. 


24. april 2011

Bright lights, Long Nights

Just got this new bag and nail-polish as a present. 
Don't you like? 
Going to a yardsale now and a cup of coffee. 


20. april 2011

Late night picture spam

Sometimes I just want to look at inspirational pictures. No matter how random they may be.