8. april 2011

I hate (this) friday

My new jumpsuit - that's the highlight of this day. 

 - Got up to late this morning
 - The bus was late
 - Had to run to the train
 - The train took me too far, so I had to wait at the station to go back
 - The wind blew and my hair got messed up
 - FINALLY, got to school and my classes were cancelled...
 - Now I have to take the train back home which takes over an hour.

Pity Party!

I need to buy something. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gud, hvor er du altså bare fin og smuk. Må man spørge, om du er asiatisk oprindelse?

  2. Hehe jamen taaak.
    Jeg er halv filipiner og halv dansker, så ja der er lidt asiat i mig :)