15. april 2011

A post about hair(extensions)

Hey friends. Are you one of the many who are considering hair extensions, but just don't know just what kind to choose? There are so many to choose from: Tape-method, Braids, Creatine Clumps, and my own favourite Clip-ons. 

I thought I might as well make this post about extensions when there are so many who asks about it anyways and I love talking about hair. But let me begin. 

I've had extensions for about four years.
What to choose?

The first time I got extensions, it was with the tape method. It was just before a holiday and it was absolutely awful. It was dry. The tape started to fall down so you could see it in the lengths, it kinda looked like bubblegum, and I had to pull it out with force. Needless to say; some of my har fell out as well. Waaah! I can't recommend this to others.So then I tried.... 

Advantage: it was amazing! In my case,I had to get plenty of clips due to the fact that I'm an asian, and my hair is very thick! But it was up to me whether of not I wanted to wear them everyday, or just in special occasions - I wear mine almost every day. My scalp is able to breathe and I can sleep freely. Another thing is that they aren't that expensive,they're actually the cheapest option. 
The downside: Since you don't take baths with these - you have to take time to wash them a couple of times a week. This can take a while, because you can't use a blowdryer. This will dry them up.   But again, it depends on how often you use them. 

CREATINEI've never even had them in but have several friends who have used them often. And there are very mixed opinions about these. Advantage: Some good things about them is that you don't have to spend time putting them in every day and you save yourself ten minutes morning - who doesn't love to get out of bed with long, gorgeous hair? And since you wear them all the time, they are able to get a lot of moisture when you shower - of course these have to airdry as well.  
For many, it's no problem sleeping with it.
The downside: These can be somewhat expensive, especially if you have a little thick hair, then you'll need a lot. I had a friend who tried it and she had curly hair so it looked just absolutely awful. She couldn't get her money back for it.It's difficult to wash your scalp, and you must sleep with a braid every night, otherwise it may tangle. Moreover, it can hurt a lot the first couple of days, when you get it in. Itchiness. 

I've had good experience buying from Trendsales.dk

Hope this will help a little!

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  1. Hej Michelle,
    Hvem køber du extensions af på trendsales? :-)

  2. Hey det kan jeg ikke lige huske. Har købt af flere forskellige. Men syns bar det vigtigste er at læse hvad folk har skrevet om kvaliteten, sælgeren osv.

    Go søndag :)