17. april 2011

Sunday Blues

("Blouse/Weekday, Skirt/Old, Bag/byStroom")

Had a bunch of girlfriends over the other day, and I bought this lacy bodystocking-thing - its sexy but not showing to much. If you buy a new thing everyday, du you have a problem?
What a wonderful sunday it is anyways. Woke up in bed with my love, watched scary cartoons, "baked" some bread, bought asian food for tonight  - and now where sitting at Baresso. Me writing on my blog, and him reading a newspaper. He bought me flowers mmm...

I love my life.... And cafe latte. 


2 kommentarer:

  1. Virkelig fin blog - og fantastisk stil!
    - Har selvfølgelig lige tilmeldt mig og glæder mig til at følge dig :o)

    - Annesofie

  2. Mange tak skal du have! Vil da lige tage et smut ind forbi din snarest ;)